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January 8th Boston & District Canine Society (No CC's) Mrs S Searle
january 15th Manchester Dog Show Society Mr R P Grice
January 18th SSCW Open show Mrs G Richardson
February 1st MWSSC Open Show Miss D Bartholomew
February 8th YSSC Open Show

Mike Taylor (D)

Linda Sorockyj (B)

February 15th SSSC

Mrs I Elder (D)

Mr I Isdale (B)

February 21st ESSC (Open show)

Mrs C Bailey (D)

Mrs J Lilley (B)

February 22nd NCSSC (Open Show) Mr D Russell
March 6th CRUFTS

Denise Rowan (D)

Gill Partridge (B)

March 15th SSCW

Mrs C Aaron (D)

Mrs L Whittington (B)

March 28th Scottish Breeds Canine Club Carol Trueman
March 29th ECSSC (Open) Clare Stafford
April 5th NCSSC

Mrs P East (D)

Miss C locket (B)

April 11th SSCNW Miss Sharon Main
April 18th Working & Pastoral Breeds Ass of Wales Mrs J Edwards
April 24th WELKS Mr M W James
May 3rd YSSC

Mr R Searle (D)

Miss D E Pearson (B)

May 7th Birmingham Dog Show Society Mr S Barrett
May 15th SKC Mr D Smith
May 24th Bath Canine Society Mr G Duffield
May 31st Southern Counties Canine Association Miss M R A Allan
June 5th Three Counties Agricultural Society Miss M Hodgson
June 20th Border Union Ag Society Miss G Beaden
June 27th ESSC (Open) Mrs R Thompson
June 28th Blackpool & District Canine Society (No CC's) Dr A J McKnight
July 3rd Windsor Dog Show Society Mrs M G Penwarne
July 11th National Working and Pastoral Breeds Mrs J Miles
July 12th East of England Mrs A Stafford
July 18th MWSSC Open Show (50th anniversary)

Debbie Pearson(D)

Shirley Davies (B)

July 24th Leeds & District Canine Association Mrs M E Botham
August 1st SSCNW (Open show) Mr S Proctor
August 3rd Paignton & District Fanciers Association Mrs D Spavin
August 10th Bournemouth Canine association Mrs M Daniels
August 16th ECSSC (Open) Mrs D Richie
August 22nd WKC Mr D Lambert
August 29th SKC Mr N McDade
September 5th City of Birmingham Canine Association Mr B Croft
September 11th Richmond Dog Show Society Mrs Betty Peach
September 19th Darlington Dog Show Society Mr F Kane
September 20th SSCW Open Show

Mr G Hill (D)

Miss L Pettitt (B)

September 26th Belfast Dog Show Society Mr M Ewing
September 27th SSCNI Mr M Hart
September ECSSC Open Show  
October 1st Driffield Mrs M Nixon
October 4th YSSC Open Show

Mrs M Masterman (D)

Mr M Baillie (B)

October 9th South Wales Kennel Association Mr A Brace
October 10th ESSC

Mr B Hull (D)

Mrs S Atkins (B)

October 18th NCSSC(Open show) Mr C Rule
October 24th Midland Counties canine Society Mr S Mallard
October 25th MWSSC

Mr P Bailey (D)

Mrs L Goodwin (B)

November 7th Working & Pastoral Association of Scotland Mr D Weller
November 14th SSCNW

Mrs D Moore (D)

Mr D Rigby (B)

November 22nd ECSSC

Mrs J Renolds (D)

Mrs D Moore (B)

December 12th LKA Dr J Hill