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January Boston & District Canine Society  
January NCSSC Open Show  
January SSCW Open show  
January 15th Manchester Dog Show Society Mr R P Grice
February ESSC Open Show


February YSSC Open Show  
February 15th SSSC

Mrs I Elder (D)

Mr I Isdale (B)

March MWSSC Open Show  

Denise Rowan (D)

Gill Partridge (B)

March 15th SSCW

Mrs C Aaron (D)

Mrs L Whittington (B)

March Scottish Breeds Canine Club  
March 29th ECSSC (Open) Clare Stafford
April SSCNW  
April NCSSC  
April WELKS Mr M W James
May Working & Pastoral Breeds Ass of Wales  
May 3rd YSSC

Mr R Searle (D)

Miss D E Pearson (B)

May 7th Birmingham Dog Show Society Mr S Barrett
May 15th SKC Mr D Smith
May Bath Canine Society  
June Southern Counties Canine Association  
June Three Counties Agricultural Society  
June SSCNI  
June ESSC Open Show  
June Border Union Agricultural Society  
June Blackpool & District Canine Society (No CC's)  
June Windsor Dog Show Society Mrs M G Penwarne
July East of England  
July 11th National Working and Pastoral Breeds Mrs J Miles
July Leeds & District Canine Association  
August MWSSC Open Show  
August Paignton & District Fanciers Association  
August SSCNW Open Show  
August Bournemouth Canine association  
August 16th ECSSC (Open) Mrs D Richie
August WKC  
August SKC Mrs N M Naylor
September City of Birmingham Canine Association  
September Richmond Dog Show Society  
September 18th Darlington Dog Show Society Mr F Kane
September SSCNW Open Show  
September Belfast Dog Show Society  
September ECSSC Open Show  
September Driffield Agricultural Society  
September SSCNI  
October YSSC Open Show  
October 9th South Wales Kennel Association Mr A Brace
October NCSSC Open Show  
October ESSC


October 22nd Midland Counties canine Society Mr S Mallard
October 25th MWSSC

Mr P Bailey (D)

Mrs L Goodwin (B)

November Working & Pastoral Association of Scotland  
November SSCNW


November ECSSC

Mrs J Renolds (D)

Mrs D Moore (B)

December 12th LKA Dr J Hill